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About Your Photographer


Capturing the Essence of Your Love Stories and Celebrations,

Honoring the Richness of Your Experiences and Culture. 

My goal is to help build a world where everyone gets a moment in the spotlight. Since I got my first camera, I’ve been drawn to cataloging the complexity of every individual. 

What I Photograph: Weddings, Couples and Individuals Photography. I prefer an editorial style and love to play with color. 

Where I Photograph: I am based on the North side of Chicago, but am open to traveling to you! 

But it’s really not about me. It’s about you and all the beautiful traits and identities you bring to the shoot. I can’t wait to discover them together.

By the Stars 


Born in the Year of the Rat 

My Roommates 

Two Kittens – Echo and Peaches 

My Chinese Name 


Which Means Red Beautiful Gold